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Sustainable Construction Skills

The scale of the challenge is huge… and there simply isn’t the workforce to carry out the work.

The built environment contributes around 47% towards the UK’s total carbon footprint. We need to build better and retrofit our current building stock. The 29 million existing homes across the UK must be made low-carbon, low-energy and resilient to a changing climate. Public and commercial buildings also need to be radically improved.

There is a huge skills shortage in the construction industry, particularly in low carbon. This, in turn, makes building low carbon and more sustainable buildings and homes even more challenging (and costly) which then makes the potential for net-zero carbon even more difficult.

We’ve developed a series of training workshops (embedding Carbon Literacy) to give a clear overview as to why and how we should be building much more sustainably, embracing modern and lean construction processes.

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the course

4 full-days (over 2 months) at Material Source Studio: No.1 Federation Street, Noma, Manchester, M4 4BF
Please note these workshops are only for SMEs based in Greater Manchester, or with a building project in Greater Manchester

This series of 4 full-day workshops (each one fortnightly) has an emphasis on low carbon retrofit.

The first looks at why the industry has to change (including the relevance of climate change); then we explain what low-carbon construction entails; next we demonstrate how to effectively do this; and finally we look to the future, providing an insight as to what to expect and how to embrace change.

The concluding requirement (and assessment) is to develop an Action Plan, where attendees will demonstrate their understanding of the course content by identifying sustainable build opportunities/challenges relevant to their industry/work and developing effective courses of action to tackle these.

The workshops are “classroom” based with plenty of hands-on activities. On successful completion you will receive our Sustainable, Modern & Lean Construction (retrofit) Certificate and a Carbon Literacy Certificate issued by the Carbon Literacy Project. Lunch (from Open Kitchen) and refreshments are included.


Businesses who require further knowledge and understanding of low carbon domestic retrofit (including the opportunities and benefits), who can positively embrace low-carbon retrofit in their day-to-day business activities, to help the region reach its net zero target.

This will include:

  • Self-employed construction-based tradespeople
  • Building contractors, subcontractors & installers (business owners, directors & managers)
  • Designers, architects & technologists
  • Building consultants
  • Manufacturers & suppliers of materials

To be eligible for these free grant funded places, your business must be a small and medium-sized enterprise (fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover under €50 million) and based in Greater Manchester (or have a project based in Manchester).

  • 09.30 Arrival (9am on the first week, for registration*)
  • 10.00 Presentation 1
  • 11.00 Coffee break (½ hour)
  • 11.30 Presentation 2
  • 12.30 Lunch (by Open Kitchen)
  • 13.30 Interactive session 1
  • 14.30 Coffee break (½ hour)
  • 15.00 Interactive session 2
  • 16.00 Networking (final workshop with drinks, sponsored by a supplier/manufacturer)
  • 17.00 close
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