Partnership with Project EV will see smart charging software deployed across 100,000 chargers

An electric vehicle (EV) charging software app and charging infrastructure company have signed a three-year deal with the aim of boosting smart charging capabilities around the UK.

The agreement will see 100,000 Project EV chargers exclusively controlled by Electric Miles’ Smart Charging platform, providing real time control over chargingin a bid to ease pressure on the grid and curb costs for motorists.

The app allows drivers to see the level of charge in their car’s battery and control charging times to suit their needs. It is designed to help drivers save money and regulate power demand from the grid during peak times.

“Project EV has already deployed 20,000 chargers in the residential market,” said Arun Anans, CEO and founder of Electric Miles. “Hence, we’re very excited to deliver our services to Project EV. From the start, we were impressed with their shared desire to put the interests of drivers first. Our Smart Charging platform puts motorists in total control of how and when they charge while also helping the Grid to deliver power efficiently.”

Smart charging is poised to help ease the impact of increased EV usage on the grid and should reduce the need to invest in new transmission infrastructure. Electric Miles has integrated its smart charging platform with demand side response services, to help balance EV charging demand with constraints on the grid.

Electric Miles has signed deals with three major Distribution System Operators (DSO) to offer around 23MWs of Demand Side Response (DSR) capacity, which allows operators to dynamically match demand to available supply. 

Simon Peat, CEO of Project EV, said: “We believe this deal will revolutionise the way vehicles are charged from dumb to smart. Using one of our advanced chargers integrated with Software from Electric Miles will allow drivers to charge their vehicle with the right amount of power at the cheapest cost. This is future-proofed cheaper driving.”

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