VIDEO: Third in series of films exploring London’s path to net zero by 2030 looks at the challenge of decarbonising the city’s heat and buildings

Londoners spend a huge amount of their time indoors eating, sleeping, working and relaxing. So it perhaps stands to reason that buildings account for a huge chunk of the city’s carbon emissions – 78 per cent in fact.

But insulating, powering and providing heat to both new and existing buildings is one of London’s – and the UK’s – biggest challenges. Still, while much relies on national policies to retrofit millions of homes and also provide stricter green buildings standards, efforts are being made by local policymakers and businesses alike to decarbonise the city’s homes and buildings.

As part of BusinessGreen‘s recent Net Zero Festival, we put together a series of three ‘Glimpses’ films exploring London’s journey towards becoming a net zero city.

The third and final episode, which focuses on the challenges and solutions for decarbonising London’s buidlings and heating supplies, can be watched in full above.


This video was first screened as part of the Net Zero Festival, which took place over three days from 29 September 2021 featuring hundreds of top speakers from business, politics and academia.

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