VIDEO: Second in series of films exploring London’s path to net zero by 2030 looks at how the city can adapt to growing climate change impacts

Whether or not the world achieves net zero emissions by 2050, the carbon already pumped into the atmosphere means the climate continue to change. 

Moreover, as is increasingly visible around the world, the impacts of climate change are already with us. Last year saw London experience both scorching temperatures as well as severe rainfall that lead to flooded homes, businesses and even tube stations. 

The need for London to be better prepared for the inevitable if somewhat unpredictable impacts ahead could scarcely be clearer – particularly given the city’s population is expected to swell by a further three million by 2050.

As part of BusinessGreen’s recent Net Zero Festival, we put together a series of three ‘Glimpses’ films exploring London’s journey towards becoming a net zero city.

The second episode, which focuses on how London can adapt to the growing impacts of climate change, can be watched in full above.


This video was first screened as part of the Net Zero Festival, which took place over three days from 29 September 2021 featuring hundreds of top speakers from business, politics and academia.

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