Asda confirms Easter bunny will be catering for all diets this Easter with launch of new oat milk vegan egg

It’s the news that vegans who pine for one of Cadbury’s iconic Creme Eggs have been waiting for. In the run up to Easter, the first oat milk chocolate alternative has been launched by vegan chocolate brand Mummy Meegz and secured an immediate all-year listing in ASDA supermarkets.

The firm is also relaunching its dark chocolate Chuckie Egg following a £1m investment from not-for-profit investment fund Veg Capital. The Chuckie Egg contains no palm oil, is 100 per cent gluten free, and is wrapped in a 100 per cent recyclable bright blue foil. With chocolate sourced from an ethical supplier in Colombia, each purchase guarantees both farmer income and investment in support of sustainable community initiatives.

“We’ve created the world’s first true alternative to milk chocolate Cr+me eggs,” said Meagan Boyle, founder and chocolate maker at Mummy Meegz. “We were overwhelmed by the incredible popularity of our Vegan Chuckie Egg when it launched last summer, so are delighted to be back in action and supplying more eggs for chocolate lovers than ever before.”

Alongside catering for the growing number of Britons following a vegan diet, Boyle said she hoped the new products would encourage ‘flexitarians and reduceatarians’ to switch their consumption habits.

“We know that shoppers are looking for more viable alternatives to animal-based products, and we are confident that the new recipe and national launch will help deliver people what they want,” she said.

“Mummy Meegz is a purpose driven company with the sole mission of creating a more sustainable world without the exploitation of animals. We want to encourage chocolate lovers to swap their choc for our mind-blowingly good, a cow friendly egg.”

Veg Capital provides angel, seed, and Series A capital to businesses promoting plant-based diets. Other brands it supports include Grounded vegan milkshakes and plant-based pie firm Clive’s Purely Plant.

Matthew Glover, managing director of Veg Capital, said: “With a shared mission to remove animals from our supply chains, we are excited about working with Mummy Meegz to continue scaling the business and offer great tasting chocolate for conscious consumers everywhere.”

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